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Photo courtesy of funadium(CC ShareALike)

Our bodies are made up of roughly 70% water and everything we need to be healthy and strong grows naturally from earth. So, it should not come as a surprise to learn that olive oil, a whole earth substance can provide us with many benefits, even when used outside of cooking. For extended periods in history, cultures and civilizations have optimized its uses for a range of other  covering everything from cosmetic to spiritual. 

For the Skin

     Outside the kitchen, applying olive oil on the skin as probably the second most widely used method and has been so for centuries. Packed with antioxidants, these same elements that aid in combating the oxidation process in the body, fundamentally, does the same for the exterior. You can think of it as food for your skin, and it will allow it to be noticeably softer, shinier, and elastic, allowing any one at any age to retain their youthful look much longer than they would have expected. Though I am aware of many facial cleansers and lotions that “contain olive oil”, there’s no real transparency alongside the 100+ ingredients on the bottle and if you want to ensure you’ll get the best olive oil has to offer, use 100% pure extra virgin olive oil, from a bottle. 

Ways to go about it

-Add a few drops to a bath

-Apply as you would a daily moisturizer

– Deep Hair Conditioner

– Soaking fingertips in strengthen nails

– Natural shaving lubricant

-Great Massage Oil

-Control Hair frizz (comb a small amount through dry hair)

     It has also been suggested to mix very mildly warmed (!!IT IS OIL!!) with egg yolk and honey, and then applying that to your skin before pampering off with a towel. 

Fun Fact: The Ancient Greeks used to coat their bodies before athletic training and events, including the Olympics, and with a tool called a strigil, would scrape it off with the sweat after completion of the physical activity. These tools were often buried with the athlete and therefore it must have held some level of importance, whether the athlete was male or female. 

Tree wood, Olive Oil Wood Inner

Photo courtesy of dimsis(CC Attribution)

Restore Furniture and Leather and tools

     Wood and natural leather appreciate a good lubrication like anyone else! Applying olive oil to worn leather or wood furniture and letting it set for 30 min. before wiping, will help in restoring some of the natural glow of everything from belts to comfort chairs. A much faster application can also aid in shining your stainless steel tools!

Health Tonic

     Not quite cooking, olive oil can also be consumed in other ways where you can accelerate your body’s access to its health benefits. Two easy ways to approach this on a daily basis are

-Adding a tablespoon to your coffee (slight variant on ‘yak butter tea’ or Dave Aspery’s ‘bulletproof coffee’

-A shot of olive oil (with a dash of vinegar!) in the morning as a wake me up to get your day started!

Back Garden Through Olive Oil

Photo courtesy of Smabs Sputzer(CC Attribution)

     Though it must be combined with a generally healthy lifestyle, you can think of these as daily health tonics to wade off illness and disease and remember that when you’re sick or ill, there’s a plenty of “medicine” to be found in our food and that none of these older peoples knew what a “calorie” was, and yet the consumed dubious amounts of oil and lead now legendary healthy lives! 

It is worth noting, that many of these gains, as with any other health food are always better felt than read about. It was beyond scientific backing for these antiquated societies to ‘prove’ beyond a reasonable doubt the nutritional or cosmetic benefits associated with olive oil or many of the other foods garnering widespread acceptance today. Simply put, if one if eager to know if olive oil can relieve cholesterol (I for one, don’t know what cholesterol feels like inside my body, or nourishing hair, arguably easier to read, then warm some up and give it shot! Bottoms up, and enjoy!

The Olive Tap Charlotte, Ballantyne

Written By,

     Matthew Barnes

Practical Ways to Use Olive Oil (Other than Cooking!)

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