Flavor Infused Olive Oils Charlotte, NC

Various flavoring methods are used by our artisan producers to deliver the best tasting oils.  Unlike many alternative products, the base olive oils are always 100% Extra Virgin, providing the same heart-healthy and cancer inhibiting benefits.  Our flavor selection constantly rotates, so remember to check back from time to time.  Currently we offer:

  • Chipotle – Unique combination of smoky flavor with peppery heat.
  • Garlic – Our producer combines a Gold Medal winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the essential oil from luscious roasted garlic.
  • Herbes de ProvenceUSDA Organic – Classic flavor with notable rosemary, sage and lavender accents.
  • Hot Pepper – A blend of peppers exhibiting medium heat.
  • Jalapeno – Authentic, fresh-picked jalapeno flavor with only mild heat.
  • Meyer Lemon – Premium EVOO and the fresh zesty flavor of Meyer Lemons create an unbelievable flavor combination!
  • Natural Buttery – For the health benefits of EVOO with the creamy, sweet flavor of butter.
  • Persian Lime – Fragrant yet delicate Lime citrus taste that is complimented by the heart healthy and smooth, buttery EVOO that is used in the blend.
  • Porcini Mushroom – Produced in a patented process that uses freshly pressed EVOO and Porcini mushrooms for a superior flavor. The earthy Porcini taste that comes from the mushrooms is infused into the EVOO.
  • Smoky Bacon – This vegan product is a healthy EVOO with a rich, smoky all natural bacon flavor added!
  • Sorrento Lemon – Unmistakable Meyer lemon aroma and taste with a smooth, long-lasting finish.
  • Sorrento Orange – Distinctive, sweet Mediterranean blood orange in a buttery olive oil texture.
  • Sweet Basil – Basil leaves crushed along with the olives for an unmatched sweet basil flavor.
  • Tuscan Herb – A proprietary blend of herbs including Oregano, Basil, Garlic, and Rosemary
  • White Truffle – Steeping premium Truffles in EVOO results in unmistakable flavor & intense aroma

About Olive Tap Oils

At The Olive Tap we offer a wide variety of delicious oils to appeal to any palate, including 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Flavor Infused Olive Oils, and Nut & Seed Oils.  Unlike mass-produced oils, we import our products from award-winning artisans around the world who produce in small batches.  Our oils travel from the tree to the store in the shortest time possible and are stored and bottled under optimal conditions, ensuring maximum freshness and extended shelf life.  So, no matter what type of oil you choose, you’ll know it is one of freshest, finest, best tasting oils you can buy.