Balsamic Vinegars Charlotte, NC

Our Balsamic Vinegars are sourced from the most respected producers in Modena, Italy.

  • PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Certified by the European Union.
  • Evaluated by the AIB (Italian Association of Balsamic Tasters) and awarded 3 or 4 Leaf quality ratings.
  • Tart to sweet, flavored to non-flavored, white to dark, and medium to thick densities.
  • Our vinegars are naturally flavored, contain no added sugars and are gluten-free.

Currently we offer:

  • Aceto 4 Leaf – Rich in fruit and woody flavors. Our finest and most popular Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
  • Aceto Riserva – Very rich and thick. Similar to the 25 Star/ 25 year style of Balsamic Vinegars. Best enjoyed as a topping, condiment or glaze.
  • Blueberry –  Delicious drizzled over fruit salads, and garden salads topped with fresh fruits. It’s equally wonderful over Blue, Feta and Goat Cheeses.
  • Bordeaux Cherry – Rich cherry flavor accented with notes of burgundy wine and cherry wood to produce a low acid, cordial type profile. Perfect for flavoring meats, cheeses and salads.
  • Dark Chocolate – Velvety-sweet and flavorful. Chocolate aroma and flavor are unmistakable. Blended with 3 Leaf Quality Aceto di Balsamico.
  • Fig – Dense, sweet balsamic vinegar exhibits a mild and mellow fig flavor with less “bite” due to lower acid content. Whole fruit flavor added to a blend of 3 and 4 Leaf Quality Aceto di Balsamico.
  • Mango Passion Fruit – Fruity blend of flavors in a rich, dense and sweet Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
  • Pomegranate – Native to Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, this fruit exhibits a sweet-tart flavor. Deep, rich flavors and acidity to create a complex yet superbly balanced vinaigrette and condiment.
  • Raspberry – Tart with a 5.5% to 6.0% acidity. Made with a blend of 3 and 4 Leaf Quality Balsamic Vinegar.
  • Serrano Pepper and Honey – Serrano pepper adds heat without being excessive. Sulfite-free.
  • Strawberry – Sweet-tart summer flavor blended with 3 Leaf Quality Aceto Balsamico di Modena.
  • Tangerine – Vegetables, spring mix, and salad greens will taste great when dressed with a vinaigrette of Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar and Sorrento Orange Olive Oil. It makes a very tasty glaze for baked Salmon, and gives grilled chicken a sweet-sour zing.


  • Coconut White – Interesting and pleasant flavor which is ideal to accompaniment to tropical dishes.
  • Orange White Riserva – Unlike “traditional” white balsamic vinegars, this unique white balsamic is significantly thicker, intensely sweeter, exhibits a golden hue and absolutely explodes with the taste of freshly squeezed Italian oranges!
  • Peach White – Incredible balance and is neither overly tart nor sweet. Award winning!
  • Raspberry White Riserva – Features a sweet and tangy up-front flavor, and a rich, bright Raspberry finish.  This fruity vinegar has unlimited potential and may be used in a wide variety of salads and other dishes.
  • Sicilian Lemon White – Sweet and mild, does not have a harsh, overly tart exhibited by other lemon vinegars.

About Olive Tap Vinegars

Olive Tap’s complete line of vinegars, including our aged Balsamic Vinegars, Wine Vinegars and Specialty Vinegars, such as Vincotto’s, are sure to please absolutely anyone’s palate and enhance your culinary creations. Contact us with any questions about our line of Balsamic Vinegars.